Saturday, November 08, 2008

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How To Find Great Foreclosure Homes In Las Vegas

Greetings all! Lately I have been finding stunning, drop dead gorgeous homes for my clients and people in my office have asked how I have been doing it so I thought I would share it with my fellow agents & future clients on

1. Start your Search for homes in the desired area & price range on the MLS
2.Look for 1-3 year old properties in newer areas that have taken a beating with many foreclosures/reo properties available for sale.
3.Personally I do not prefer to work with short sales as they take 3-6 months to close and many buyers lose faith and move on to quicker 30 day closes, so I skip the short sales in the search.
4.Once I have identified the best priced available properties, I call the listing agents for availability and to make sure there are no current offers on the home.
*note: It is mandatory that all of my clients have loan pre-approval BEFORE we start our search

Then we are out looking for homes!
If this sounds like something you are interested in pursuing, give Steve Harless a call at 702-217-1680 and let's start your home search today.

Why Waste Time & Gas Driving Around Looking At Homes?

Buying a home has never been easier...In order to find the right home for you, let's sit down together and look at homes on the MLS.
Home searches are available now where you can search by square footage, price, area, # of room, lot size...etc...
Upon home loan pre-approval, I will seat you in front of a 42" screen TV at Realty World Luxury Homes's office at 6131 S. Rainbow, and show you the Las Vegas real estate market before your very eyes.
Call 702-217-1680 to get started.