Tuesday, November 15, 2005

More Information About High Rises In Las Vegas

I had some time today and due to all the interest from clients, I decided to go and visit the sales office. Looking out of the office and seeing the astounding view of the Steve Wynn Hotel, It made me realize the importance, and enormity of this particular project. The Manhattanization of Las Vegas is definately alive and on the rise. Odds are, I will be telling my friends grandchildren about this time some day.

First person I met was the sales director Raquel. She was an extremely knowledgeable representive of "Allure" and proceeded to tell me that currently as of 11/15/05, the first tower is 90% spoken for; meaning that all of the rooms are almost sold out and going to contract.

Thank God there are two towers....Its amazing that after Donald Trump's tower sold out that there is anything left for sale on the strip.

I have taken an exceptional likening to the "Allure" project and want to see all of my best clients into this property. After taking some handout information, I was opening up a package and noticed the CD Rom that comes with it. The management must have spent a fortune on this! It's so professional....The first question that I had for the sales director, was how much is the maintance fee was for this propery. She said, that it was .48 per square foot. I was expecting a lot more. after a short while I felt I had a working knowledge to present "Allure" to my customers. After exchanging cards, I left the office and was so excited I called several of my customers. I can hardly wait to see the finished product in 2 years. (the only problem is the time to buy is NOW!)

If you have any questions, or are interested in owning a unit in this project, feel free to call me a
702-217-1680. best regards, Steve Harless

Las Vegas Commercial Real Estate

Las Vegas Commercial Real Estate
Commercial Investment Property with long term tenants nationally known
Sales Price to be $9,000,000 for 13.81 Acres Triple Net Lease
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