Thursday, March 31, 2016

Summerlin Homes, A Master Planned Community

On New Year's Day in 1952, Howard Robard Hughes Jr. purchased 25,000 acres of land on the western rim of the City of Las Vegas, NV. for an incredible $3 per acre.  Hughes originally purchased this unimproved land to relocate his California business, deciding later not to relocate. As a result, this prime real estate sat for 30 years until 1988 when the grandmother of Howard Hughes, Jean Summerlin began planning this master community.

Today Summerlin offers incredible views of the Las Vegas strip and a "diverse collection of housing options." This community is home to over 150 parks, 24 public and private schools, 14 churches, 3 hotels, over 24 golf courses, a medical center and much more.  All of these amenities make Summerlin a shining example for what living in a master planned community is all about.

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