Saturday, February 25, 2012

Investing In Las Vegas Real Estate


There are some fabulous opportunities in Las Vegas if you are willing to work with Steve Harless and his team. Currently there is a foreign influx of buyers that are not doing flips, but are buying properties that are strategically located close to the strip...there is speculation among some investors that as the price of oil explodes that the value of property near the strip will be more desirable.

That being said, most of the cash buyers I have dealt with are buying properties as they do not trust the current stock market and are looking for short term 8-12 percent returns on their money.

5-6 months ago, it was common to see buyers bidding over list price to get a home that they really wanted.  I am excited now, because there are a lot of younger buyers that are first time home buyers that have been saving and are looking to jump into the market; when this happens, we should see some small percentage gains in the market.

If you are a serious and seasoned real estate investor we need to talk.  Our team offers unparalleled experience in the Greater Las Vegas Valley.  We are seeking investor's with a minimum of $70,000 to invest within the next 2-3 weeks.  If you would like to know more, call us or click here at 702-217-1680

Our Team Performs the following:
*Attends the Trustee Auction regularly
*Scours the Las Vegas Valley for distressed sellers
*Views REO properties daily
*Has professional work crews intact for all phases of rehab and remodeling
*Has accounting software to keep you current
*Extensively markets your home(s) on the Internet
*Has a proven track record and are your TURN KEY SOLUTION to investing in homes  in Las Vegas

Call Steve Harless - Haines & Krieger Realty - 702-217-1680 to get started.

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