Friday, May 06, 2011


What good is owning real estate In Las Vegas if you cannot have your property managed properly?

Please feel free to contact Steve Harless so he can put you in touch with one of our licensed property managers today if you have questions about:

Buying Investment Properties That Cashflow
How Shelter Will Protect Your Investment Property
How To Market Your Vacant Rental Property
Multiple Property Discounts
Property Management Fees
Shelter’s Tenant Screening Process
Shelter’s Tenant Eviction Process

A vital part of real estate investing is choosing the right property management team that will help you achieve your investment goals. Our Cash investors love Shelter Realty which manages over 200 properties in the Las Vegas/Henderson area and can instantly take care of your property managment concerns.

Tony Sena, Broker/Owner of Shelter Realty, Inc, is a former Henderson Police Officer who has been trained in a different kind of “interview” process than most property managers have experience with.

Basically, he knows how to read people’s body language and listen to their speech patterns in order to get a good feel for their true intensions. He’s also extremely fair and objective, which comes from years of learning how to make important split second decisions.

Obviously, the background checks, credit history, income, employment, references …. and all of the other necessary procedures for ensuring the safety of your property are handled as well.

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