Thursday, November 13, 2008

Why There Will Be A Housing Boom In Las Vegas

Higher Taxes are enevitable. The bailouts that are coming are Not going to be free. It did'nt matter who was chosen president, the Obama administration is inheriting a sleuth of problems from the current administration. With that being said, in the future I see out-of-state companies relocating and incorporating in Las Vegas just for tax reasons alone. With this expansion, I see great potential for job hunters and businesses alike.
With Las Vegas diversifying from gambling, here are a few examples of companies that have expanded their business to the las vegas area: Ocean Spray has set up a beverage plant, Pepsi cola just opened a multi-million dollar plant close to the 215/rainbow. Online Shoe company Zappos has set up shop here. Some other notable future projects such as the 100 Million dollar Fine Art Center and the Jewelry Mart are currently underway and the future of Renewable energy will shape the future of the state and possibly the rest of the world! Also, If you currently live in Las Vegas, one cannot help but be excited about the Project City Center that is due to open in 2009. Las Vegas quietly is evolving into The Convention Showcase To The World and in the next 3 years officials believe an estimated 42,200 jobs will be created by the Palazzo, Encore, Fountain Bleu, City Center, Cosmopolitan, Etchelon Place and other projects that are being built.
Because of the future job growth, here are as many as *5,000 to 6,000 new residents moving to Las Vegas every month *per Nevada DMV I am very bullish on the upcoming boom.
If you are planning on relocating to Las Vegas, please feel free to contact Steven Harless - Realty World Luxury Homes at (702) 217-1680 and I will be glad to assist you with your relocation plans.
*All comments above are the personal opinion of Las Vegas real estate agent Steve Harless

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