Sunday, August 10, 2008


Please see above on an INCREDIBLE PENTHOUSE THAT JUST REDUCED THEIR PRICE FROM $8.5M- TO AN INCREDIBLE $4M: This unit is 7,041 square feet, 3 stories PLUS a 2,000 square foot patio and is sold as is UNFINISHED/GREY SHELL for a HUGE discount to the bank balance. This is actually a SHORT SALE as the loan on this unit is currently at $6,400,000 as is. The price as is is $4,000,000 TODAY!!!! We also have a budget from a contractor that is $1,600,000 to complete the unit as per the design & specs that are fully permitted. Someone is going to make a KILLING on buying & finishing this unit. Here are the real comps (sold & recorded) for our penthouse units: Panorama Tower 2 - 34th Floor Penthouse $10.425m - $860/sq ft GREY SHELL One Queen ridge Place - Unit 1501 - $5.28m - $905.04/sq ft - BASIC FINISH Turnberry Place - Unit 3801 - $5.7m - $693.19/sq ft - GREY SHELL Now here are the comps (sold & recorded) for COMPLETE PENTHOUSE FINISHED UNITS: One Queenridge Place - Unit 1802 - $11.055m - $669/sq ft Turnberry Place One - Unit 3801 $8.7m - $1,053/sq ft - Finished unit Park Towers - Unit 1902 $9m - $1,327.63/sq ft - Finished unit Park Towers - Unit 1503 - $6.475m - $1,320.62/sq ft - Finished unit Turnberry Place Two - Unit 3801 - $13.687m - $1,500/sq ft. - Finished unit Turnberry Place Three - Unit 3703 - $12m - $1,874.71/sq ft - Finished unit Other comps which have NOT recorded but will record in late 2009 are City Center as follows: Mandarin Oriental Condo - avg. price SOLD for penthouses $1,800-2,400 sq ft. Veer Towers - avg. price SOLD for penthouses $1,200-1,500 sq. ft I HAVE ATTACHED AN ONLINE BROCHURE FOR THIS UNIT. THEY UNIT IS GREY SHELL AND SOLD AS IS/UNFINISHED. FLOOR PLANS ARE INSIDE THE BROCHURE (ATTACHED). PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR NEED ANY ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON THIS INCREDIBLE PENTHOUSE. PLEASE CALL ME DIRECT ON 702-217-1680. THIS PENTHOUSE WILL NOT LAST LONG!!!!

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