Thursday, December 06, 2007

Median Home Price Trends

Median Home Price Trends This chart shows the current median single family home price in LAS VEGAS. Real estate market research begins with price trends. Watch this report each week to discern trends before you can read about them anywhere else. Subscribe to the Market Intelligence Details report for LAS VEGAS for weekly city-wide and neighborhood trends, and Quartile trends for different price points in the market. Median Price as of December 02 2007 for LAS VEGAS is $321k.

Market Action Index We developed the Market Action Index for at-a-glance real estate research. The Index is a barometer of real estate supply and demand. A value above 30 indicates demand is relatively robust, we call that a Seller's Market. Below 30 is a Buyer's Market. Also use the long-term trends as a leading indicator for prices. When markets fall persistently into Buyer's territory prices will likely follow. Subscribe now to see how the market's price Quartiles are faring. Median Market Action Index as of December 02 2007 for LAS VEGAS is 16.16.

Days On MarketHow long does it take to sell a home in LAS VEGAS? Pay close attention to the Days on Market. Not only does it tell you about the health of the market, but also how long you might expect it to take to sell a home. Or how quickly you should make an offer on the place you saw this weekend. Take advantage of this knowledge to optimize your home buying and selling experience. Don't forget to examine the differences in DoM in the different price Quartiles. It can be very telling... Subscribe now! Average Days on Market as of December 02 2007 for LAS VEGAS is 105.50.

Price Per Square FootLooking at the price per square foot helps us understand the value placed on homes in a real estate market. Median Price per Sqft. as of December 02 2007 for LAS VEGAS is 0.0.

InventoryInventory measures the number of properties for sale in a given real estate market and will fluctuate seasonally. Make sure you keep an eye on the Market Action Index (above) to gauge demand levels relative to inventory levels. If inventory increases as demand falls, you'll see the Market Action Index drop quickly. Median Inventory as of December 02 2007 for LAS VEGAS is 15293.50.

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