Saturday, November 24, 2007

It seems like things are picking up here in Las Vegas!

Its about time.... after a lackluster summer things are finally going well again. As A realtor, I have not been this busy since June of 2006. People are moving from california it seems in droves. guess the fire(s) had something to do with that as well. High rise condos are starting to heat up! I saw a unit 2 months ago that was 499k reduced recently to 360K!!! WHAT A DEAL! That unit was on the 14th floor of the SKY High rise. Of course the upper end of Las Vegas keeps on selling. I think it is harder to sell a 200k property then a 600k property. I just had one of my listings get an offer that was orignally listed at 675K. I had it on the MLS for 3 months with no movement. As soon as we reduced it to 619K, we got our first offer at 570K.
Currently the offer is at 580k. Feels good to see people buying again.
I also did a search for condos in the 89144 area for 1 bedroom downstairs with an attached garage, and only found 1! Yikes...the squeeze is on. enjoy your weekend.

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