Monday, September 10, 2007

Housing Market Stabilizes In August

LAS VEGAS -- Statistics released Monday by the Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS® show that local home prices remained stable during August. The statistics also show a slight increase in the sale of single-family homes.

GLVAR representatives said the statistics show the total number of homes on the market beginning to level off with a slight decrease in the availability of condominiums and town homes listed for sale. GLVAR President Devin Reiss said this month's statistics reinforce the association's belief that the current housing market presents opportunities for people "who are serious about buying a home here."

"We continue to have historically low mortgage interest rates and a strong local economy with job and population growth that is the envy of the rest of the country," Reiss said. "If you're serious about buying a home, now may be the best time to act."

This month's GLVAR statistics include activity through the end of August. The association distributes such statistics each month based on data collected through its Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which does not necessarily account for newly constructed homes sold by local builders.

For more information on home sales in the Valley or to contact a realtor, visit the GLVAR Web site.

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Anonymous Albuquerque realtor said...

That's definitely better news than it could be!

11:04 PM  
Anonymous Dubai Property said...

Some of the NEGATIVES of increasing home density:
1) Overbuilding on land results in lack of adequate drainage to the overburdened bayou system
2) As the developers keep pace with the demand, more developers resort to quick in and out builds, where lots are completely raised and older trees are torn down resulting in less greenery
3) Increasing property values result in higher property taxes driving out older residents who can’t afford the higher tax burden
4) Loss of vintage homes that could have been renovated

Some of the POSTIVES of increasing home density:
1) Renewal of neighborhoods with contemporary architectural home designs juxtaposed amongst a broad array of older homes creates a diverse community
2) Living and working in the city results in less personal vehicle carbon emissions due to less commuting times
3) Increasing use of Metro mass transit bus and rail services
4) Increasing number of jobs in the construction and repair industry to build, maintain and service the growing number of homes.
5) Living close together with others, results in a more interaction with their neighbors and a greater understanding of the various ethnic groups in the city
6) Redevelopment and expansion of inner city parks to serve as hubs of outdoor activity
7) Not everyone wants to cut grass

8:16 AM  

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