Sunday, November 26, 2006

Las Vegas New Homes For Sale

Folks, there are some SMOKIN' DEALS in Las Vegas right now!!!

Click below to find what is really happening in the housing market in Las Vegas:

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Many Las Vegas Home Developers are offering fantastic incentives such as no mortgage or HOA payments for a year or no money down and more. In fact, I recently saw a builder offering 40% off of 2 years of mortgage payments. Another is offering $53,000 for using their in house lender. WOW!!! It is incentives like this, that make me feel compelled to mention the below information:

Click on this link to read why now is a Great time to buy Find out WHY it is a great time to buy :

Looking for a new home in Las Vegas?Do not sign up with ANY new home builder by yourself first, with out getting proper representation by a licensed Las Vegas real estate agent!!!Take Steve Harless as your buyer's agent to represent you on your first visit into the new homes sales office. His services are free and hewill make sure you get exactly what you are looking for and insure that all the advertised available incentives will be offered to you.

Call Steve to make an appointment to visit any of the new home communities below at 702-217-1680.

Also, if you see a property anywhere in Las Vegas that you are interested in, feel free to call him as well, especially if you would like to make an offer on a property!

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