Saturday, October 21, 2006

Bargains to be Found in New Construction

hmmmm... says steve harless...there is always some one that has a clue greater then the rest of the crowd. Let's hope that there is some truth to this article below..

Las Vegas real estate experts, Steve Bottfield and Larry Murphey say that "there will never be another time like now to buy Las Vegas Real Estate". New construction is the current bargain with lowered prices and many incentives like granite kitchens and upgraded flooring. Builders have overbuilt and are laying off employees right and left. These develpers have to get rid of their standing inventory at any cost. Steve and Larry say "There is no bubble in Las Vegas, there never was", and they are predicting that there will be no new single family developments in Las Veagas within seven years. If you have been thinking about property here and want the scoop, give us a call.

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