Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Boca Raton Condominiums

Buyers at Boca Raton Condominiums have shared the excitement of their purchases with family and friends, causing the developer to see a trend in referral business.
"It is such a great honor to have a potential buyer walk through the door and tell our sales team that they were referred by a friend or relative," said Jerry Peterson, managing partner of the project. "That means the person referring them loved the product, had a great experience with our sales staff, and were excited about their purchase."

Local residents Donna and Louis Castaneda are an example. Impressed by the development's location, they purchased a Double Casita floor plan.
"I like where the community is located because the South Strip is developing itself," Donna Castaneda said, adding that the purchase process went smoothly. "I had no difficulty with the buying experience. I had five or six questions or concerns and the sales team listened."
Castaneda shared the news of their purchase with her sister, Charlotte Russo, in California. Two days later, Russo and her husband, Richard, were on their way to Las Vegas to purchase a Penthouse Suite at Boca Raton. The couple returned to California, delighted with the investment they had made.
The development will comprise four seven-story buildings and 756 units. The residences measure 593 to 2,300 square feet.
Prices start from the mid-$300,000s to $1 million.
The first 172 units are slated to open in fall 2006.
Planned amenities include concierge service, resort-style pools, fitness centers and a 10,000-square-foot clubhouse. Call 702-217-1680 and ask for Las Vegas Real Estate Agent Steve Harless - Realty Success Systems, Ltd.


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