Sunday, July 13, 2014

$300000 / 2302ft² - ★ Custom built home, highly upgraded, and one-of-a-kind (Boulder City)







Custom built home on a 27,878 SQFT LOT, highly upgraded, and one-of-a-kind. Panoramic views of the Eldorado Valley & Mountains. Granite counter tops, Wilsonart wood flooring throughout. Rolladen Shutters. Central Vacuum. 650 foot office space is detached with professional office and loft.

CALL OR TEXT 702-217-1680

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Bedrooms: 4
North Las Vegas, NV, 89032
Clark County

Bed/Bath: 4/2.10
Total Rooms: 8
Square Feet: 1830
Year: 2000
Property Design:
Parking: Garage
HOA Fees: $56.00 Monthly...

listing courtesy of Jason Abrams - Luxury Homes of Las Vegas

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Looking to transfer to Las Vegas for a new job? offers unique housing solutions and services to help you or your employees relocate to new homes and new jobs. We offer extended stay housing, rental finding, international and domestic settling in services while providing furnished homes pricing using your local vendors anywhere in Las Vegas and Henderson.
You have made the right choice for your temporary housing is your housing solution and has a dependable reputation for quickly finding the best-fit scenario, within 24 to 72 hours. 

Together, we can find what you are looking for, and in a short amount of time. 
If you're looking for a Las Vegas Foreclosure homes, our services are... 
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Just Tell Us your Preferred Area, # of Bedrooms, and Price range and your Time Frame

to buy -- and we'll send you pictures FREE! 

Relocating to Las Vegas can be frustrating and stressful especially if you don't know anyone and have never been here except to vacation. If you are thinking of relocating to our wonderful city, and are looking to purchase a home, please feel free to contact me, Steve Harless at (702) 217-1680 and I will be glad to assist you with your relocation plans.
to get a head start on organizing your move and for helpful tips to relocate your family Las Vegas.

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Monday, June 09, 2014

Las Vegas Real Estate Market Recap for 2011 - 2014 Present

Las Vegas Real Estate Market Recap and Update - 

I was asked by a member to explain my thoughts on the market both where we have been and where we are currently. Below was my response and I decided to post it here for others to read as well as I thought it my be helpful for others trying to research the Las Vegas market. Most of the topics I have discussed on various threads but I thought it would be helpful to recap and summarized them into one thread. Please feel free to comment or discuss anything Las Vegas related. Thanks! 

You can also watch this video as Robert Adams walks you through the update and adds his own opinions and insights:

"In regard to the Las Vegas market, we have stabilized over the past 6 months. To give you a quick recap of inventory here are some important milestones:

-Mid 2011- we had almost 15,000 available homes for sale and we were in a strong buyers market. Low balls were still being accepted and values were flat. We had reach home values of the early 1990's.

-Oct 2011- Nevada AB284 was passed in attempts to protect consumers from the fraudulent foreclosures associated with the "Robo-signing" fiasco. For many reasons this caused banks to stop foreclosing. We saw a 90% decrease in available REO's hitting the market each month. From 5,000 a month to 500 a month. As you can imaging this drastically affected the supply side of the market causing prices to begin to increase.

-Jan 2012- after AB284 causing prices to increase and supply to decrease hedge funds and mom and pop investors started coming out of the wood work and buying properties up like hot cakes. With this huge increase in demand combined with the drastic drop in inventory levels appreciation started to sky rocket, bidding wars were beginning to drive prices up and sell for above appraisal value.

-December 2012- people were expecting the annual holiday slowdown in the market but were surprised when December sales soared and continued to drive up prices.

-Q1 and Q2 of 2013- bidding wars were still in full swing (sometimes seeing 20-30 offers on a property.) Inventory levels were are insane lows of only about 3,000 available listings. Appreciation was still soaring around 25%-30%. We were still in a very strong seller's market. Homes selling on average of about 10%-15% above appraisal value. Cash investors were driving this demand and often times out bidding owner occupants that did not have the extra cash to be competitive.

-Summer of 2013- Inventory began to increase, bidding wars were still around but seemed to be not as intense or as frequent. I attribute the increase of inventory to the fact that investors had either already jumped back into the market and were now in the "hold" phase of their buy and hold strategy, as well as many hedge funds and investors had moved their focus of acquisition to other parts of the country where they could still get higher cap rates. The days of 10-12% cap rates of 2009-2011 were gone due to increase property values on rentals that maintained the same rental rate. So basically you are paying more for something but renting it for the same rate.

-Q3 and Q4 of 2013- Inventory was surging week after week and there was a lot of talk about the market switching from a seller's market to a buyer's market in Q1 of 2014. Since the inventory was already increasing (April 2013 to November the inventory almost tripled) we were expecting the Holiday season to really send a spike of inventory and throw us into a buyer's market Q1 2014. To our surprise December actually decreased in inventory. This prevented us from going into a buyer's market and killing the appreciation of recent years.

-Since December 2013 to present- we have maintained an over all inventory level only fluctuating by a few hundred homes up and down. This tell me that the homes are moving about he same pace they are hitting the market. We were not in a healthy market in 2011 with 15,000 homes for sale. We were not in a healthy market with 3,000 homes for sale. It is not healthy or sustainable to have 30% appreciation. No market can maintain that long term. Now that we have balanced out around 8,000 (This includes SFR, townhomes, and condos for all of the Vegas Valley as well as Boulder City which is just outside of Henderson) I am expecting to see a healthy 10-15% appreciation this year. I do not see us going into a buyer's market yet. Investors can still get 4-5% cap rates, flippers can still find good deals now that inventory has risen, and the owner occupant that was getting out bid all the time is now driving the demand side of the market. I would also like to mention that I am not expecting a huge crash like the bubble due to the fact so many of these investment properties were bought with cash rather than leveraging with financing like the in the bubble.

-Present- The good listings that are priced right still sell within a week and may have 2 or 3 offers. Homes are selling for appraisal value or slightly below. If you want 80% of FMV than you need to think outside the box to find deals. It will be very difficult to find 80% of FMV on the MLS right now.

I hope this is helpful and I look forward to doing business with you."
Best Regards,
Robert Adams
The Adams Team at
Rothwell Gornt Companies

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

April 2014 Las Vegas Real Estate Market Report

Steve Harless - Croteau Real Estate Services

There were a total of 3,100 Single Family, Condo’s and Townhouses closed in the month of April.
Resale 2,354– 76.%       Short Sales  394 – 12.7%       REO  319 – 11.3%
1,258 Cash Purchases
921 Conventional Financing
643 FHA Financing
205 VA Financing

buying or  selling ? call steve harless  for fast effective results!


Tuesday, May 06, 2014


Call 702-217-1680  For this Beautiful move in ready home on a HUGE pie-shaped Lot. Tastefully upgraded - CUSTOM tile, marbleand travertine work throughout. GOURMET kitchen with granite counters, undercabs lighs, SS appliances, custom baclsplash. TRAVERTINE mosaic bathrooms, custom showers, split face stone fireplace, tile floors with mosaic, plush carpet, new paint, exterior paint. PARADISE backyard with POOL,grass, COVERED patio,paved walkways.MUST SEE!



We are seeking investor's with a minimum of $500,000 - $5,000,000 to invest NOW!

If you are a serious and seasoned real estate investor we need to talk! 

Call Steve Harless at 702-217-1680.  Our team has 40 years of combined experience and offers unparalleled experience in the Greater Las Vegas Valley.  

Steve Harless believes a realtors success is tied to relationships built through client satisfaction, and by providing service on a personal level. As a result, he is able to leverage 9 years of industry experience to implement a business model revolving around custom tailored solutions, based on individual client needs and wants.. Steve is known in the industry as being Aggressive and Persistent which he probably picked up as a young man when he was getting the job done in the United States Navy.

Steve Harless Provides The Following Services For Investors: 
*Attends the Trustee Auction regularly
*Scours the Las Vegas Valley for distressed sellers
*Views REO properties daily
*Has professional work crews intact for all phases of rehab and remodeling
*Has accounting software to keep you current 
*Extensively markets your Flip home(s) on the Internet
*Has a proven track record and are your TURN KEY SOLUTION to investing in homes  in Las Vegas
CALL 702-217-1680 TO GET STARTED
(Potential Investors are requested to present certified letter of cash funds or mortgage pre-approval letter before meeting)
In order to move forward, fax or email a copy of your latest (30 days) financial statement; blacken out all the sensitive account information with a black marks-a-lot, print out and fax to (702-933-8444) by 5:00pm today in order to work on your behalf.

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Thursday, May 01, 2014


After a what seemed to be a routine tonsilitis operation, I could not understand why the Doctor had called me back to his office so soon.  Little did I know at that moment I was in for the surprise of my life. Yet, today, I can still hear the words echoing out of the doctor's mouth. "Steve, You have cancer of the throat, and 8 jellybean sized cancerous tumors in your lymph nodes in your neck" cut and dry. Just Like THAT he uttered these words:

 You have less then a year to live.
That is when the tears started to flow and the reality set in that I have CANCER!
That being said, My Cancer drama started Feb 26, 2007. At the time, I recall how calm I was. That of course would soon change as a mirage of scenerios went through my mind.  Then  I went about  asking the doctor, "So, How do I beat this thing?"
This smug Doctor, with no compassion and concern in his voice at all for my personal welfare, (at the time I had no insurance) said: Well, you will need a radical neck dissection, that could put you out of commission for about 3-4 months, and then he uttered the most shocking news besides the possibility that I would die,,,, You may never be able to talk again.
GEEZE, I started to panic...How will I survive? How will I be able to make a living?....Sales is all I have ever known....What will my wife do? my family!!! I almost fainted from this overwhelming sensation of fear. Then I remembered my Tony Robbins training about FEAR- (False - Evidence - Acquiring - Reality) and survival mode was kicking in.  It was at that point I made up my mind. God willing, I WAS GOING TO SURVIVE. Not only did I make up my mind that I was going to survive, I re-focused my mind that I was going to rededicate my life, and perform life at the highest level possible.
Shortly after the bad news, I got a second opinion, I was referred to another doctor, Dr. Anita Pomeranz at the Nevada Cancer Institute. This angel directly appointed from God not only helped save my life, she helped give me the courage to fight like hell.  Doctor Pomeranz then broke the news to me that I could not eat for 6 months or longer. I had to get a JPEG tube inserted in my stomache and had to go on a liquid diet.  so much for  steak and beer!         (*On a positive note: I ended up losing 70 lbs. However I don't recommend the cancer diet for ANYONE!)
April 23, 2007 ,,,,I went on a program of Chemotherapy and had Radiation treatments for 7 weeks.  It was grueling and I was constantly tired and worn out. The constant spitting up of blood, was absolutely the lowest point of my life. But, I prayed everyday, and as I begged God everyday to heal me, the lord delivered instant peace and comfort to me.  With in days of starting treatment the bleeding in my throat stopped. I was still tired and exhausted (I would sleep 18 hours a day)  Thank God for my broker..She was so helpful..Michele Sullivan was there for me. She helped with my closings and made sure I got paid and totally supported me. Then I started to realize about how lucky I was to have the people that were around me....slowly, and methodically, I constantly would think positive thoughts about how fortunate I was about everything in my life...good and bad. (when your sick, things like this happen) slowly but surely, I got better. I struggled. I was constantly vommiting everday from the treatment, I embraced this,,,,because I was still alive to vomit.  my body would shake with weakness. GOOD! THAT MEANS I AM STILL HERE!  It was this day August 23, 2007 that I realized that you have to embrace the Good, and the bad in life to live. What a life lesson!!!!  It was at this moment I learned to make everything passionate no matter how trivial and small. even small things like being able to open a door, or walking outside, or being able to dress myself. 
So, to make a long story short, My Cancer drama just ended October 22, 2007! I just got my tube removed from my stomach and The doctor told me I escaped from a tangerine size tumor in my neck (the worst he had ever seen) all my lymph nodes were clear! It was a MIRACLE!!!
The moral of the story and my personal message to the active rain community is this: No matter how good or bad things are going, count your blessings daily, hug your family, realize how lucky you are to live, AND LIVE PASSIONATELY EVERYDAY!

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014



During the first quarter of 2014, home prices continued to increase each month by an average of 17.9% over the first quarter of 2013. 

During the same time period:

Resale closings have increased from 4,828 to 5,843. 

Closed properties have dropped by an average of 14.4%. 

Bank owned property sales have decreased from 1,034 to 855.

Short sale closings have decreased from 3,328 to 1,149.

Cash transactions has decreased from 5,294 to 3,536.

Bank owned sales are down 17.3%, resale closing are up 21.0% and short sales are down 65.5%.